Service / Fee

Languages we handle

Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Polish, etc.

Areas of expertise

Advertising & PR, Technology & Engineering, Accounting & Auditing, Banking & Finance, Medical & Health, etc.


Our works are completed by professional translators and proofreaders who translate documents for government departments, professional firms and listed companies. We translate different types of documents such as Website, Brochures and Catalogs, Manuals, Reports, Contracts, E-mails, Personal Documents, etc. Your translation assignments will be handled by native speakers of the target languages.

Standard Translation Fee

Translation ItemQuantityPrice (HK$)
Traditional Chinese to English100 words100
Simplified Chinese to English100 words100
Traditional Chinese to Japanese100 words120
Simplified Chinese to Japanese100 words120
Japanese to English100 words90
Japanese to Chinese (Traditional or Simplified)100 words80
English to Japanese100 words180
English to Chinese (Traditional or Simplified)100 words90
Korean to English100 words80
English to Korean100 words160
Thai to English100 words100
English to Thai100 words100
English to Spanish100 words130

* Depending on different conditions, the above prices maybe higher or lower than actual quotation.
* For languages that are not listed in the table, please feel free to enquire via e-mail or phone call.